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rain just a foot away

Man, this year is so close from being over but I need to remember that (huh!)-- it's not over yet. I keep fouling up on the dombest things and then putting myself through storkes and heart attacks every couple minutes! for example: thought this friday was lib's graduation so I scheduled work for 2:30... which is 5 minutes after I got out of my normal school day today. I know we're allowed to come late if we're coming from school, but I just feel like... a hour late is pushing it. ugh. I could go on about my pitfalls, but lord! no sense in reliving the stress!

In other news (weather, to be exact), it's been raining off and on alot (nice, heavy thunderstorms) interspersed with sweltering heat. with no running at the moment.. this is pleasing me very much! except for the whole -must wear stockings- mandate at school. I decided that I will invest in thigh-highs. they're practical and sexy!

anyway, I guess I'm pretty much focused on passing finals with flying colors (yes.. that is my goal.)

dorkdom: home sweet home

PS: check out the awesome 90s I'm jamming to!
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