cooie (waywarddaughter) wrote,

Now I ain't sayin she a gold-digger...

Can I just say this...

A recent gentleman caller took me out to dinner at THE best restaurant in Philadelphia, none other than Le Bec Fin (it was a surprise! ohh what a surprise!). We then proceded to walk back to Univ City, mingled around, eventually resolving to return to center city for some drinks at one of our other favorites, Alma de Cuba. Positively paid for everything, of course. Proceded to finally admit he was smitten for me. Whereas I... um, not having the heart to crush that lovely night, went along with it...! Don't worry, undid (of sorts) it all the next day.

He still wants to be friends. (Good good! he's not too hurt! And I really would hate to loose his unique friendship.) And he still wants to take me out. (And most likely continue to pay for everything.)

Ignoring the possibility that he didn't take my hint that I have no feelings for him... I just want to say... way to pick 'em, Coooooo :]

Oh, but I also fell in love with the boy who can't feel. and I gave him goosebumps and a panic attack.

... way to pick 'em, Coo.
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