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because I am in a state of rapid and hopefully permanent recovery, I now take on my usual optimistic and upside view of life. I am sorry to report that through the worst of my ailment, I did not always grind out that important "I'm a winner" smile, and I could've maybe been more humble... but then again, it was the worst sickness thus far (and is all goes according to plan, EVER WILL). so anyway, I will proceed to make one of my many lists (while I wait for prime-time olympics (couples skating!)) --- the ways in which mono helped me

(and we won't subtract the ways it marred me!)

> Hello! 5 days off from school. that's like more than we get for spring break.

> got some decent use of the great room. though we designed this house, and we were so excited about our *great room* (big family room-ish connected to kitchen), because of no tv and bad furniture arrangement, we just don't do it justice. I did!

> Pondered the meaning of life over and over again! hey! I could go for a phD in philosophy at this point! not that pondering like that is out of the norm for me (no, by all means!), I just... did alot of it.

> I PERFECTED the couch life. ohh yes. after 5 non-stop days of it, I have it down to a T. the blankets, pillows, tissue box, trash can, 2 phones, music library, books (ha), beverages, medicine, relaxing noises of the fishtank... everything. If (God forbid) I get sick again, I will deffinitely just take it from here.

> fam waiting on me hand and foot. like I said, I could probably do to be a little more humble, but seriously... going from the couch to the fridge to get a drink required a little sitting rest in the middle. and even sitting for too long got to me. SLEEP. actually.. more like lounge. whatever

so yeah. the biggest brick wall coming at me fast is all the schoolwork. very overwhelming. and I know I should... oh man. I can't even go there. I said I wouldn't subtract the differences.

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