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now back to profiling...

I think I'm about to take my already elevated music crazy of the moment to a whole new level...

I just joined (and subsequently downloaded like 10 things) for, this site that lets you search for music, make your own personal radio station and such. whoa. ((I'm never going to leave this chair))

kind of sounds like that idea I came up with in like 8th grade for some glorious all-inclusive music website that would become an authority on music... hm, looks like someone got there first...

this all spurred from a late night felicity party libbi and I had. it was glorious just to ...sit and not care (the mantra for this whole weekend, if you haven't notivced) and I always forget how much I love that show-- one reason being the music in it. obsure 90s music... what better! and I found a gem online last night after we finished watching and I was frantically looking for a song--

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