cooie (waywarddaughter) wrote,

girl can't help it!

Hi Livejournal! I'M BAAAAACK! Can't get rid of me, huh? :]

I don't regret the many months it's been since I last wrote. In the time that has lapsed, there have been many milestones and yes, many things have happened that would have probably made stellar entries. But this isn't a biography of my life. This is an outlet, this is a writing exercise, this is a pleasant surprise when I go back and read old entries. Such was the case tonight, when I read back as far as the page would allow. So many colorful accounts of my daily little life... it so me. And yet, sitting here, home from college(!), literally stumbling accross Livejournal (and wondering if my account even still existed)... I chuckle at how much I've changed.

Before I get too into this entry, I'd like to make a dedication: to Alex. I was truly surfing around the web and the website that I happened to be (yours) on led me here. It's indirect, and minor, and you may never even read this, but I am grateful for the little twist of fate.

One thing that was so very interesting to read was the little chronicles of my early relationship with Warren. This cannot be said more plainly: if there is one big change about me, it's how I've become so much less freakin insensitive! Once again... no regrets. That was who I was (and perhaps still am a little bit).

It's just refreshing to take a look at where I've been.

To get down to details... I'm not going to post private (as much) anymore, and I'm going to un-privatize some past entries. They may or may not have deserved their my-eyes-only status at the time, but at this point they deserve sunlight. I'm mainly thinking of my ponderings on the brink of my wonderous relationship-- they're quite... I don't even have a word! uncensored, I guess. But Warren and I (and my attitude toward the relationship) have come so far since then (for the better!)--that can't be understated. They're an interesting read, and if you happen to stumble accross them, Warren... I hope you enjoy them.

I've unfriended all my friends (sorry guys!) and left pointless communities to start anew. If I continue to write... awesome! more pleasant surprises for the future. If I don't... I'm too busy living in the moment to care.

All is well.

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