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Whenever I have a truly productive and productive day, I feel the most need to document it in writing. And why not? I will surely in some future time look upon those writing and be inspired to be as productive and positive as my younger (ha) days.


Yesterday was an extremely productive day!
It hit me how quickly my vacation was wrapping up and how many things I had left to do. So... I made my list and stated crankin' 'em off. Before I start going through my day, I want to say that it prodictivity was only the half of it. I did just about everything with Libbi yesterday, a true Libbi-Cooie bonding day full of ab-aching laughter, miminal arguing, and very juicy stories.

First we raked the backyard. Though it's like 5 square feet (exaggeration... but still), it is mighty in its leaf-and-crap harboring abilities. I can't remember whether whether I looked at the yard and resolved to clean it or whether mom asked us to first, but either way, it was getting done. So after breakfast, I suited up (turns out I over-did it with the ski pants and double coats) and headed out. And then, in a rare moment of leading the unleadable by (get this) example(!), my humble obedience provoked Libbi to join me and help! This raking was long past due, resulting in leaves matted to the "grass" but... we made the best of it and afterwards cleaned up for our next adventure.

mmmmmmmm... two words: Retail Therapy (with the captial R and T!) Not much to say here! Christmas money + a car + hours to wile away + Libbi and Cooie = a day well spent! (literally!) I was deeply surprised when, upon arriving home, mom mentioned that the stock market went down alot yesterdey. Deeply surprised.

Though I won't go through everything, one thing we did buy was paint! For my bedroom! and the we proceeded to paint it! Pretty spontaneously, I decided to paint my room purple. It's light purple, which I'm not crazy about during ther day (when there's a lot of light...) but I love at night. The time passes quickly with the sharing of our completely-open-in-only-a-sisterly-best-friend-sort-of-way sexcapade stories. What made it even more a trip was that we talk so so loud and... of course, the window was open (on the coldest night of the year) because we were painting! I sincerely hope that some poor old couple dutifully walking their dog by our house between 7 and 10pm last night was, ahem, inspired.

Finally, we watched a few episodes of Coupling, the raunchy BBC sitcom Warren lent me (to mom's ((more or less) joking) horror). It was the perfect follow-up to our previous conversations and I can't wait to watch some more tonight (heh).

To cap it all off... I slept of Libbi's floor (because my room is a mess from the painting)... another Libbi and Cooie classic.

All that somehow brings me to today, where I have managed to slink through the morning-and-early-afternoon wearing only panties and a blanket (the same thing I happened to wear to bed last night) and doing absolutely nothing. I'll finish this day productively too... I promise...
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