of nature and absurdity

and god only knows what else

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There should be lyrics here

mainly because I'm so fond of music, but... which
ones to put? I'm know so many off the top of my
head; I'm so religious to so many band's thoughts;
I'm so enlightened I can barely survive a night
in my mind (as John Mayer would say. It was only
a matter of time and space before I threw one in).
I decided it's best not to confine my biography to
such a one-angled approach. I've done that before,
such as in the bio page for an_epiphany. I had
loads of lyrics there―just about to the point of
being a cliché. (And of course, there's no reason
to actually say anything about me in these bio
deals.) Instead I think I'll say something to the
effect of what is written in the album booklet for
Forty Licks. If you
know what I'm talking
about, then, my friend,
we are already on the
same page. Otherwise,
let me just say to
you this: Welcome to
my journal; You're
about to get licked.